2023: How Tinubu And Atiku vs Obi and Sanusi Will Be The Perfect Match To Save Nigeria

2023: How Tinubu And Atiku vs Obi and Sanusi Will Be The Perfect Match To Save Nigeria

As 2023 presidential election in Nigeria draws very fast, many politicians who are interested to contest for presidency are warming up strongly. 

This time, Nigeria as a very large country need a visionary leader who’ll chart the leadership mantle to a greater height, not someone that has no adequate experience to save this country from collapsing.

Many average Nigerians have given up their hope about the state of this country, which has caused many uprours all over the country, causing terro groups e.g Boko Haram terrorists, herdsmen invaders, bandits, unknown gun men of all kinds etc.

Among the aforementioned issues are causing the country’s bad economy and putting the peaceful coexistence of Nigerians at risk.

However, due to many challenges issues facing Nigeria as a country, some parts of Nigeria are now agitating for country’s disintegration because they are no longer comfortable with country’s operating system of government, Example; the Indegeneous people of Biafra (IPOB) led by Nnamdi Kanu, Odua Republic led by Sunday Igboho, Niger Delta militant amongst others are agitating to pull out of country.

At this point, Nigeria needs a vibrant leader that can be able to calm every tension in the Nigeria and make this country work again. We all need to unit together and drop every of our tribal differences aside, religious differences et al to save Nigeria from collapsing.

From my concept, many parts of Nigeria should all try other means of selecting power from the Southern region at this time instead of repeating the same dacing step and be expecting different result.

Though, the people of south East are particularly demanding for their turn to produce president for the first time as was being agreed in the past years via regional zoning. I think their demand isn’t wrong since many Nigerians agreed to that and that should have been maintained, but at this time, Nigeria as a country needs someone who has what it takes liberate and save this country.

Meanwhile, the power should be missed together among the South and North to it make work better.

In the Southwest, Bola Tinubu who had a wide knowledge about what leadership entails inthe country should be merged along with Atiku Abubakar from the north as his vice who had also being in the seat of power as vice president, though, people will find it difficult to agree for Atiku to stoop too low in such position to work as vice president under Tinubu, but that’s what will make the leadership work perfect. 

While the top challenger should be Peter Obi from the South Eastern state who has been the best governor ever produced in the current history of Nigeria should also be merged along with Sanusi Lamido Sanusi to give a perfect match. Any side that win the heart of Nigerians should rule the country and believe the both side aren’t bad and they can change the current look of this nation totally.

The above aforementioned names has good leadership skills and business ideas that can balance the Nigerians economy in a short period of time. 

Let forget about the part affiliation and save the country from collapsing and make this country work stronger again.


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  1. In fact, Atiku can’t stood so low to be a Vice under Tinubu. Atiku that has been in forth run of being 9aija President since.

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