30Days: “Apologize Or Expect This – Pastor Adeboye To Igboho


Pastor Enock Adeboye, the overseer and founder of the Redeemed Church, lost his son few weeks back, Pastor Dare. It is said, he went home after preaching in the evening service, after super he went to bed but never woke up the next morning.

This was one kind of death that our African people would question. On the other hand we as children of God, we know that, blessed man don’t have to be sick for them to die or depart for eternity.

However, Sunday Igobo, the yoruba musician has mocked the general of God while he is still mourning the death of his son. In respond to this, a lot of yoruba people have condemned such heartless sentiments on the death of Pastor Dare. The general overseer, the father to pastor Dare, has responded to this, warned Sunday to apologize or else expect a repercussions when God respond, you have 30 days.


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