Are you a guy who is unsure if a girl likes you or not? Do you want to know the ‘greenlights’ she might give if she likes you? Then read this article and take notes.

Girls are mostly not the gender that mostly makes the first approach in terms of relationships. However, a girl show some signs in order to get the attention of a guy they like.

Here, I am going to be listing 5 signs girls display when they have a crush on a guy.

Body language

A girl shows her affection by using the powerful tool of body language. Some signs she displays like pulling her hair, eye contact and so on are signs she is into a guy. She also shows nervy and shy signs when she is around her crush.

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A girl is often jealous when she sees her crush with another girl. This is because they think that that girl might be a competition for them. Some girls might go as far as asking the guy about any girl she see him with.

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Soft Vioce tone

Most times, girls use a soft and sexy tone when having a conversation with their crush. This might not be an accurate but if you notice that she uses that voice for you alone, then maybe it is an accurate sign.


She texts regularly most especially during special dates; valentines day, Christmas and so on. A girl would generally reply quickly to your texts and apologize if she fails to do so.

She is always around you

A girl who likes a guy would always want to be around him. She would always create an avenue so that they both see each other. A girl would be concerned about a girl she likes if she haven’t seen him for even two days.

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They are many more signs a girl shows to send a message to their crush. However, I have listed some common and obvious signs. You can do your experiments to be totally convinced then you can try to ask her out. Goodluck Bro 😎

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