One thing is for sure about woman they are unarguably smart and tricky it is possible they outsmart you without you having the slightest idea.

In this article, I have brought somethinga that might give you a good hint about knowing if your partner is indeed cheating.


we all know when a man cheats he is easily caught perhaps because of men simple nature and most case it easier to predict a man’s cheating lifestyle ladies are smart and crooked tut need to be aware of that.

Below are 6 things to watch out for

  1. She becomes addicted to her phone

this is a sign you shouldn’t neglect. She becomes so used to her phone that she goes everywhere with the phone. They become so private with their phones like someone who hides a skeleton in her cupboard. It is normal for you to demand privacy with your phone but it becomes too much you should take note of that

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2. She rejects incoming calls and refuse picking some calls if she is around you without any genuine reason.

When she starts rejecting calls for no solid reason and start selecting calls to receive especially when she is around you then you should keep your eyes awake. In some cases she leaves your presence to pick such calls and if she eventually picks or reply the call she claims she was busy or asleep.. She will never say she was with you

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3. All of a sudden she becomes disrespectful

When she begins to act up don’t think it is just a normal thing it is very good you act up. They behave this way when they have another person in their life believing they have nothing to lose

4. She asks for a break

Without any pending issues she ask for a break. During this break it is either she is planning a break up or she is trying to compare you with the other guy to see who she can remain with. You need to be watchful at this stage

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5. She escalates little argument

Arguments or issues that aren’t meant to be big issues she tend to make many things out of it. A minor disagreement that’s supposed to be solved amicably she turns it to something else.

6.gets lost in thought

this shows her mind is somewhere else and perhaps might be thinking about the New guy she is seeing and this occupies her thought most of the time


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