63-year-old man beats his wife with a crowbar for cheating on him.

A jealous husband beat and critically injured his wife with a crowbar at a New York bus stop while witnesses looked on in horror, then called police to turn himself in.

Julio Aponte, 63, repeatedly bashed his 49-year-old wife in the head with a crowbar around 7 a.m. Monday, June 14th, at the intersection of W. 163rd St. and Fort Washington Ave., yelling accusations such as

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“How dare you defraud me!” According to the police. He then fled the scene on a motorcycle, leaving his bloodied wife behind, while shocked witnesses dialed 911.

The violent husband then ditched the motorcycle on the side of the road and dialed 911 to turn himself in, according to cops.

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Police say they discovered the crowbar wrapped in plastic, as well as Aponte’s backpack, at the scene of the attack.

According to police, the woman was rushed to New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia in cardiac arrest after suffering severe head trauma.

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As of Tuesday, June 15, she was still in critical condition. Aponte has been charged with attempted murder and assault. He is scheduled to be arraigned in Manhattan criminal court.


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