Guys are bound to have s3xual urges and drives towards opposite s3x, but some have problems approaching tensions, these are 8 ways to create s3xual tension with a girl.

Ladies are emotionally, physiologically, s3xually weaker than guys which makes them more s3xually aroused than guys and can easily be turned on when their g spot is touched.

These are 8 ways to create s3xual tension with a girl

Tension rising

• Look into their eyes and make an exciting expression

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When alone with a girl, you can create s3xual tension by looking into her eyes directly, don’t talk with her, and just show an excited face.

• Touch them in casual but sensitive places

Girls are easily aroused when their sensitive spots are touched which includes: their ears, boobs, face, and legs.

• Give her a massage

You can decide to give her a back massage, while giving her the massage take it slow and rub her upward and downward slowly.

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• Always tease and play rough with her

Most times ladies tend to love guys that are good at teasing, playful, funny, and good at cracking jokes, tease her and try to initiate a rough play with her.

• Tell her a flirtatious or s3x story
Women can also be turned on by telling her a flirtatious or s3x story, when telling her the story maintain a direct eye gaze with her to study her reactions.
• Kiss her forehead

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After telling her a story and getting her attention you can decide to push a little further and kiss her forehead.

• Try to initiate an s3xual conversation with her

During conversation try to switch your conversation to an s3xual one and you can ask her different questions like: ” how her first s3x was like pa previous relationship and others.

• Try to kiss her
If you are bold enough, you can decide to take a step further and kiss her.