A 22-Year Old Boy Arrested For terrorizing residents In Ibadan

Oyo State Police Command on Friday said that a presumed equipped burglar who has been threatening inhabitants of Apete in Ibadan has been captured.

Police Spokesman, Adewale Osifeso in an explanation made accessible to Naturenex News said that the suspect, Adenipekun Opeyemi was captured on Sunday, thirteenth June this year.

Osifeso in the proclamation noticed that Opeyemi, a 22-year-old, conspiracy with his associate still on the loose.

He said that the presume purportedly assaulted and powerfully seized tenants of God’s Gift Hostel, Papa/Morubo space of Apete in Ido Local government region.

He further expressed that the presume submitted the offense on Thursday tenth June 2021 at about 0145hrs.

Things recuperated from the speculation included two cutlasses, an iron utilized as a firearm, a cash amount of One hundred and ninety-four thousand naira, one Infinix cell phone, and one little Itel cell phone.

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Others are; eight wristwatches, one little white touch light, two MP3 Players, one force bank, one little handbag, one ear case with Bluetooth, One wristband, two cross packs, three Rings, a lot of keys, and two school sacks.

Osifeso while talking additionally encouraged inhabitants of the State to supply sound data to the police.

He encouraged the inhabitants to consistently call 615, a complementary number if there should arise an occurrence of any crisis.

“The trawl of Oyo State Police Command on Sunday thirteenth June 2021 found one Adenipekun Opeyemi ‘m’ matured 22yrs who in conspiracy with his accessory still everywhere, supposedly assaulted and strongly seized inhabitants of God’s Gift Hostel, Papa Morubo Apete region Ibadan on Thursday tenth June 2021 at about 01:45hrs off their resources going from telephones, PCs, wristwatches and money aggregate to the tune of One hundred and Ninety-four thousands (₦194,000).

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“Resulting upon his capture, he admitted to perpetrating the terrible wrongdoing and from industrious analytical methods noticed, the accompanying things were recuperated; (1) Two Cutlasses, (2) An iron utilized as Gun, (3) Cash amount of One hundred and Ninety-4,000 naira, (4) One Infinix Mobile Phone, (5) One little Itel cell phone, (6) Eight wristwatches, (7) One little white touch light, (8) Two MP3 Players (9) One Power bank, (10) One little handbag, (11) One ear case with Bluetooth, (12) One wristband, (13) Two cross sacks, (14) Three Rings, (15) A lot of keys and (16) Two school packs.

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“Thusly, the Commissioner of Police wishes to determinedly guarantee the great individuals of Oyo State that viable and capable organization of safety resources have been made to guarantee increased degrees of safety in the State.

“In instances of crisis, the Command can generally be reached through these crisis control room numbers: 615 (complementary) (OYO STATE SECURITY TRUST FUND), and Oyo State Police Command crisis lines 07055495413 and 08081768614.”


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