A Candid Analisis to Akpokue on APGA Impolosive Momemt – SAGG

A Candid Analisis to Akpokue on APGA Impolosive Momemt – SAGG

Written by Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)

Welcome Home my Governor Akpokue Dike Global and Terrestrial.

While you were on COVID VACCINE HUNTING VACATION, I was holding brief as your SPECIAL ADVISER ON GOOD GOVERNANCE, so let me fill you inn on areas of urgent matters.

Sir, Amaku General Hospital is filled with Covid patients, if only those people flew to Houston, they would’ve been inoculated, but they didn’t and that’s by the way.

There’s a piece of Land near Prison ONUICHA where Government vacated Hoodlums and miscreants because they turned the place to Hell on River Bank, were they sale Human parts, it served as abode for Criminals, after the demolition there was sigh of relief, but 3 days ago somebody started fencing it and moving certian Earth Movers around it, I suspect foul play, but that’s another by the way.

Sir, the rumor is strong and the penetration seems to favor the Whispers about APGA, sorry I mean you having SOLUDO as APGA uncontested Flag bearer, though it might look Enticing on outside, but may I as a Political Analyst with Cap present to you the odds that will shock you and naysayers..

1)Soludo is an Elitist and that is pissing many people off, he is arrogant but that may be nature or academic bounds which is of little effect, but imposing him as Sole flag bearer is an assured disaster, especially as it is glaring that UYA, UWA,IWA and all other acronyms that are headquatered in Agueri, with Agulerians as the Drivers are the ones promoting and driving him..

2) it is pointing to a simple fact that Godfatherism is sneaking back to the state, after Ndi Central chased it away, buried it and even gave powers to the North, what was called Mission impossible but made possible by one Man, the trembling part of the shock is the fact that we are not talking about Godfather, but urchins Fatherism, imagine group of boys not lettered enough to serve the ELITIST as PA will be fathering him, that shows na okwu Agwu go for real.

3)Your tenure has ended in a way, so no member of APGA still have that allegiance they pretend to have prior, then they banked on your second coming, but the second coming didn’t give them what they anticipated, which made many of them to throw thier caps into the race as in anyi ga afu isi ya.

4) Ewepu Dike Nanka as you know is not a lightweight, so if ticket should be given to another without a fair fight, I can tell you that the guy has capacity igbanye Film INDIA FOR APGA, as we know Indian Films Adi Agwu Agwu, it last for hours on end.

5)NONSO SMART Nwa NNE ya na eghe Akara may be rookie but in all Sincerity whenever you see a Bird dancing on the Path, known that the gods are playing acoustic for her and the gods are in the shrub waiting with UTA (Bows and arrors).
We shouldn’t forget he is a serving member of the house and has some measure of bond with the house and he has capacity to move Motion of Impeachment, then onye PDP will support, the Next will become Bazzar to the rest of the house.

6)Ukachukwu, enfant the terrible of PDP, they have spread tentacles into APGA, just know they are not push over by any measure, they seems to be Veterans in push me, I shove you into latrine kind-of Politics.
So making APGA primaries manipulated will leave the election and open a chapter on your tenure and they will give you sleepless night.

7)Chukwuma Umeoji is a Guy that drives with one Hand and use the other one na akpo Guitar, he will be behaving as if he is not serious but he is TONY NWOYE of APGA.
He has APGA structure same way TONY NWOYE has that of APC, for they have not only sowed seeds in life of all Delegates, they maintain them like friends and that is a very dangerous politics.. (This is for your ears only, not for others), if a Free and fair APGA primaries are held today in any Living room of any Aspirant in APGA, OK let me break it down, if you take APGA primaries to ISUOFIA today, Umeoji will come first, second, third before others started asking where did I fit into?.
Delegates Love him with Passion, APGA as a party owe him unwavering hold of the party and he can be called APGA CAPACITY, so rigging him out or eliminating his Aspiration is like one finish cooking Ezigbo Ofe Onugbu and open his window and pour it away..

Umeoji will do lots of damage to APGA if messed with.

Finally Dear Akpokue, allow APGA to conduct free, fair primaries, that way the Party will go into the election with a mind set of one indivisible Family , but outside that, they will go into election like PDP of yesterday(Sabotage aburu order of the day) .

Also I think with the Abacha Ana agwo ROCHAS na Imo state, it will spell doom if you want to act as Godfather that will impose replacement, even OKWUTE who is sound from center to circumference emenwuro ya, Anambara is a bloody REPUBLICANS, very Hot heads, they don’t like to be dictated to, oburuzie Nke onye si your side, a mission impossicant plus flavored by the UYA, IWA and all other bridangates headed by folks from your side, when such come close to the race, you will see alignment with parties that will shock you and makes you wonder if this are same people that hail you with two hands.

Let me allow you to continue resting as this is early and you must have longer fatigue after the flights, coupled with the Vaccine.

I remain yours Special Adviser on Good Governance (UNPAID),Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Mazi Odera POg JP humbly submitting his Minority Report and heading to AKPAKA FOREST for Morning recharge.


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