Actress Victoria Inyama Reacts To Comedian AY’s Call Out Post, Reveals Only A Fool Assumes 6 Is 9


Nollywood veteran actress, Victoria Inyama has reacted to Comedian AY Makun’s call out post over her comment on a post about him cheating on his wife.

Naija News recalls that AY comedian called out veteran actress, Victoria Inyama over her comment on a blog post that suggested that he might be cheating on his wife. 

Reacting to the post, Inyama said, the comedian took offence even though she never accused him of anything. She however stated that “only a fool assumes 6 is 9 by avoiding the main source of the gist.”

 She wrote; ‘‘@aycomedian Awwwwwww l must first say Thank you for using that lovely picture. It’s actually one of my favourites …….But hang on, I made a comment. l would expect you to mention Gistlovers blog not just ‘blog’. 2nd I guess you take offense with the word ‘date’ ‘A social or romantic appointment or arrangement’…. Social or Romantic…Not definite…..Why pick the latter?

I didn’t Accuse You of anything? Sadly l know times are hard in Nigeria but l am already in ‘my Plan B’ according to Pastor,……Only a Fool assumes 6 is 9 by avoiding the main source of the Gist… If you really needed this…U should have told your Fans that the clip was nothing? But heyyy YOU ARE DOING WELL TOO”



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