Adamu Garba reveals new name Nnamdi Kanu will be given if he joins APC

Adamu Garba reveals new name Nnamdi Kanu will be given if he joins APC

There have been mass defection of People Democratic Party, to the All Progressive Congress recently. And most of the people that have recently moved to the APC, are in the South and Eastern part of the country. Adamu Garba who was once a Presidential Candidate, have reacted to the mass defection. He said that, he wonders why most Top people that are agitating for Biafra in the south East, are joining the APC. And they are now leaving their unrealistic goal to join the All Progressive Congress. He also said that, who knows if their leader Nnamdi Kanu has also joined the APC.

After he said those words via his Twitter account, a follower of his then told him that, they don’t want Nnamdi Kanu in APC. Garba replied the follower and explained things to him, he even Revealed the name that they will give to Nnamdi Kanu, if he joins the Party and why they will accept him in the Party. Garba Adamu told the follower that, he shouldn’t worry, he might have repented and joined the Party, and that APC is a forgiving Party.

He said that, they just need to baptize him, and change his middle name From Mazi Nnamdi Biafra Kanu to Nnamdi Nigeria Kanu, but without Mazi. And that, Mazi is such a big name to be Given To Nnamdi Kanu. Here is the screenshot

Here are some Reactions to what Garba Adamu said


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