AGN suspends Nollywood actress Hilbert Queeneth over misconduct

AGN suspends Nollywood actress Hilbert Queeneth over misconduct



After being suspended by the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) for misconduct, Queeneth Hilbert appears to be forced to suspend film performances.

Its suspension is based on preliminary investigations of various complaints received from manufacturers and distributors for breach of contract. AGN Chief Press Secretary Bartholomew Aguugo said that Hilbert’s services have also been withdrawn from film making.

Ejezie Rolla, AGN president, was quoted as saying in the statement:

“Following our preliminary investigations into a series of petitions received from producers/marketers which borders on your gross professional misconduct, this letter constitutes official notice of your indefinite suspension from the Actors Guild of Nigeria and film productions in accordance to our constitutional provision.”

Queen who began her acting career in 2012 has been accused of several things including; breach of contract, abandoning of film sets without permission, gross negligence of production timing and protocols.

The Lebanese/Nigerian actress was also alleged to have been involved in the collection of artiste fee without showing up for the production, refusal to refund fees collected after disappointment among other complaints.


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