Ali Ndume has urged the Nigerians to embrace Unity. The Former senate leader called on Nigerians to adopt peaceful coexistence in the country.

Senator Ndume, who is in charge of the Borno south district, encouraged the Muslims ummahs during the sallah celebration.

Ndume also called on the Muslim community to play a role in keeping peace and unity in the country.

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Ali Ndume said Nigerians should exploit the strength of their diverse cultures. He said.

 “we stand to lose a lot if we continue to dwell on what divides us rather than focus on what unites us as people.”

The senator also encouraged the youths to engage in farming and other self employment programs. He said this while explaining the purpose of the Eid-el-kabir celebration.

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Ndume vowed to create a close relationship between the people and the government.

“I will continue to strive hard to bring government closer to my people and see to their welfare because, we are in this together”.

Ali also ensured that he is willing to develop his constituents.

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