An Appeal To Feds..Paying Bandits Of The North, The lethal implications by Mkpisi.

An Appeal To Feds..Paying Bandits Of The North, The lethal implications by Mkpisi.

It’s true that nothing is impossible in Nigeria of today, but those with Conscience that works won’t be dumb while things gets awry, after all, when you witness a fowl devouring excrete and you didn’t chase her away, you can’t tell who will eat the same leg or the Soup it will be made of.

Just like seen boys in neighborhood veering into crime and you said it doesn’t concern you, just know that your family will be the test case of the crime when it is set to go public.

Recently we read on Social Media how the Kidnappers of School Children were paid serious Ransom up North, may be it was spiced a bit, but what stands is the fact that none of the Kid Nappers were Nabbed, talkless of getting punished for a grievous crime.

Cases are stacked were the Government pays certian Criminals for crimes they committed or pay them not to commit such, and to them, they think it is waltzing away from troubles, but it is just feeding the Evil in a Rattle Snake, when the Fangs gets well fed, it will simply strike again, the only solution for stopping a Venomous Snake from killing again and again is to cut off the head, no amount of romantic overture will bury the biles inside of her, it is just a nature.

The reason America or any nation with Future always insist “We don’t Negotiate with terrorist”, is because once you did, they get bolder and you can’t continue feeding the demons you adopted in them.

Once in the Lands of ALOR, a Tortoise and a Scorpion were going to a Meeting na ofe Mmiri, but since there was no Canoe to ferry them across the River , the Tortoise who has a natural Canoe design wanted to float across and the Scorpion begged for a lift, the Tortoise told The scorpion that, he is scared that the scorpion might sting him, but the Scorpion swore that he can’t, so they set sail and at the point of dropping, Scorpion stung tortoise but good a thing, his shell was protective.

Tortoise was bitter and ask scorpion why, even after the agreement and favor extended , he said it is in his nature to sting.. The tortoise already set his own plan to stop such… Return journey, they get to same River and same Plea were made and accepted, at the middle of the Sea, the Tortoise decided to dive under the water to take a proper bath, while Diving, he made sure that the Scorpion that can’t swim is at his Back and that ends the story of trust and betrayal.

Personally, I love the way Crimes are treated in South East, the menace that will rise to become terror are subdued or neutralized, some may not like it, some may insist our own crime will also be rewarded but I beg to disagree with my head shaking like OX CEILING FAN, by so doing, they are making Alaigbo the safest state in the country, which also is why many Northerners sojourn therein, for they smell freedom and level headedness.

The North should also know that the cost of paying Criminals are so high that as time goes by the money they pay them gets them more Sophisticated Weapons and they will get to a time, the Government may have helped them to weaponize deadlier outfit, not even the ARMY will dare them, and the casualty will be unprecedented.

Today Farmers up north are in great danger as they must pay and pay for right of passage into thier own Farms, students are in danger as they are Wares needed to make money off Government, and as days passes by the criminals that were egged on will get bolder and small crimes will metamorphose into gigantic one as the Government always patronize them, and it will get go a time Things will fall apart and not even the center can hold any more.

During the Genocidal rave of 1967 which they twisted as Civil War, even though there was nothing like war about that Genocide, it wasn’t a War after all Biafrans went to Aburi in Ghana to seek peaceful resolution, which was done signed and sealed as witnessed by President of African Nations, but broken by the Gowon who goes round now with Bible as if he is praying because his Plateau state one of the people who took pleasure is slaughtering Umuigbo are now reaping the seed they sowed.

During the period, PA Awo gave his people Free Education,Free industries, free money and send most of them to London because we was acting the script of the Queens subjects, so they granted abode to his own kins, don’t forget that all of this were from the money Umuigbo had in banks then, Awo as the minister of Finance used it to service his people and later gave each account 20 Pounds just to cover the heist, that also became an albatross to recipients , they became Lazier, none sweat school, don’t care if he pass or fail because it doesn’t cost his parent or self anything.

Those placed at helm of industries, when same AWO chased the expatriates away under the guise that the country is not safe, whereas we know that it was only South East were pounded with British Bombs, they got serious ERECTION killing our children, bombing our schools and churches but with Devine reprisals.. Thier own Children as we speak today are something nobody can wish for as they are scorns of the earth, thier schools only churn out Ikwurigba, their Churches has been selling to Muslims or to Night club owners just because they did not understand that no one can curse who God blessed and no one can fight battle with God, so fighting Ndigbo the Chosen of the Almighty is a challenge to God and he twisted your life to breaking point, but will allow you time to apologise before he break you in bits.

The people he gave those industries run them into ground as they don’t have the requisite to manage even Petty Shop.

Well the fortunate AWO kins that traveled to London became parasite, after all they also traveled with Free Ticket cheated off Nigerian Airways and the airline went belly up, leaving many of them incapable of coming Back , the truth is that many can’t afford flight ticket back despite years of floricking out there, they don’t see reason to be responsible because thier bread were buttered slice by slice, but we that suffered the persecution sees life as struggle to an end, and if we put both at the table and weight, we know which side faired better.

My worries is that bringing Criminals closer to pacify them only Begat a syndicate we can’t face in future.

The money paid to this Criminals can only buy them armaments, serious munitions that will scare our soldiers and no Police even the one with death wish will near them in future.

Read my Lips, the Next level for them is to start kidnapping Politicians, then they will move to family of the Governors and finally they will get so bold with the weaponry they acquired to kidnap even Governors.

GUMI can locate them and discuss with them, if he can do that, so shall our forces..

An Igbo saying provides “Scoop flood while it is still on feet level, but once it gets to knee level, it will become a river and a major disaster”

Why I am worried is because the Tiger we are feeding has grown 72 Teeth and it is we the feeders that he shall devour.

I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Special Adviser on Good Governance, Minority Opinion writer na South East and a Gentleman that doesn’t like Violence or shouting, but believe na Ogu na enye Obara.


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