Anambra Government Gave Church Medical Money – Mazi Odera


Written By Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)

Dear Christians in Anambra State good Morning on this Una Olu(End of Tenure) , but kindly pay me unwavered attention as I will not be speaking in tongues but speaking as Oracle of the Most High on a Mission, just like Jonah was orally brutal with the people of Niniveh.

I read with wry smile about the Financial largesse from the Governor of Anambra State to Churches, money to called Unwarranted and unmerrited gift.

I did not fault the Money neither am I angry because it was Anambara Money, issued with Private Cheque of the Governor as it was attested at the bottom right side, that may be oversight or overzealousness of Ndi Otimkpu, my concern is not how the Government over looked the devastated conditions of our Roads and start ifelu Aeroplane bye bye, but because our Preachers and or say Men or Collars joined the unholy gift from unholy hand and for unholy usage, which reminds me of the gift from Barack to Ballam the prophet.

I know many Roads leading to most Churches are eyesore, take for instance the Road opposite Saint Faith Cathedral OKA, where Bishop Ibezim holds Court, that Junction that leds from Eke Oka into the Church looks like Roads in Somalia during the War, Infact outside the menace of Cultism around there, the road is another TUFIAKWA, but that is just example of what I am trying to build my advise upon.

The Roads in the State is as Bad as the economy of the state, then suddenly at the Exit of the Government where if the Church is anything to write home about, the church will be crying to God to lift the cursive Curses heaped on us which makes everything looks like Mirage in the state but the churches are tongue tied and I wonder how our Episcopal Lord’s say THE GRACE and believe that God will listen to it? .

The Governor gave a Greek gift to the Churches as atonement for Roads undone, extreme Taxation all over the state and the Church leaders lined up with sweet smiles as they collect.. Let me provide the News as created by Governors ERATS..

“Grant in Aid to Mission Hospitals” handed over a total sum of #288,500,000.00 to Mission Hospitals in Anambra.
Accordingly, a total sum of #60,750,000.00 was handed over to Anglican Mission Hospitals;

A total of #30,000,000.00 was handed over to Pentecostal Fellowship Hospitals;
and finally, #197,750,000.00 was handed over to Catholic Mission Hospitals”
end of quote…

If Christianity is what it was supposed to be, the leaders would’ve rejected any money from the Government, then ask the Governor to use it and Tar Roads that was abandoned.

The obvious question is… What do Churches need the money for?.

Is it for Overseas treatment of the Episcopal fathers or just to fatten the wallet of the Lord’s?.

Every patient of any Hospital including Mission Hospital pays for everything including Card, Paracetamol, Multivitamin, and the money rolling over in those Hospitals are enough to upgrade, extra Furnish those Hospitals..

So the money given to the Church, is it to subsidize the extra ordinary charges or just to chop and shut up?.

How can the Pentecostal Churches share the booty as we know that Anglican and Catholics will share the money between Bishops and not penny will crease the palms of the Hospital or the masses or used to alleviate poverty, but that of Pentecostal the sharing Formula ga ebute eribe ma afo ejughi because each one will crave superior and living on same street with God.

In all fairness the churches who received this coded bribe, should kindly with whatever they hold sacred, use the money to Tar certain roads around the community leading to some of the Churches where they have the impoverished.

We know for certain that Christian Hospitals charge more than Orthodox ones, so they don’t actually need it, if not for political reasons which makes God to look at Churches in Nigeria with same eyes Albino use to look at White men, wondering if they are related..

God must be looking at Christian leaders and wonder if the death of his Son on the cross is part also for those ones.

Just saying that the Churches don’t have need for such grant, it can’t even trickle down to the Hospitals because it was given to the wrong crowd, plus it is suppose to be the Churches who should be taking from the treasury where Tithes and offering are loaded to intervene in General Hospitals, not the other way round.

I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Special Adviser on Good Governance and Minority writer na South East and I come in peace.


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