ANAMBRA GUBER: What PDP Decides With Dr Obiora Okonkwo As Party Flag Bearer Signifies For Ndi Anambra

Chinazom Hyginus

Victory for the PDP, Help for Ndi Anambra Comes From Dr Obiora Okonkwo

He has come, Ndi Anambra have tested and now they have believed in Dr Obiora Okonkwo as the incoming governor of Anambra state comes November 6 poll.

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Victory for the People’s Democratic Party PDP means help for Ndi Anambra is coming from Dr Obiora Okonkwo, the Mr infrastructure.
PDP Shouldn’t mistake visionary leader for ordinary leaders.

Give Dr Obiora Okonkwo the ticket for the November 6 governorship election and embrace victory for the PDP and enjoy help for all.

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Vote Dr Obiora Okonkwo!

Think Victory for the PDP!!

Expect Help for Ndi Anambra!!!

Dr Obiora Okonkwo, the people’s choice.


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