Anambra: The Catholic vs Anglican Idiotic Wars raged – Pog

Anambra: The Catholic vs Anglican Idiotic Wars raged – Pog

The same unsigned and unwritten but agreed Zonal Formula which also exported Governance to the Northern part of the State, was same used at CHUKWUEMEKA ODUMEGWU OJUKWU UNIVERSITY (COOU) Were the University were handed down to Catholics and the Teaching Hospital to the Anglicans..
It worked to certian extent until the Government of Willie decided to make everything appear as it is.

There have been a bloody cold War within the Hospital to help it fail, so it will appear that Anglicans can excel, but the most glaring is naming a CMD less than 2 Hours of the CMD demise, no respect to the death.

And in a brutal tale over, the Government announced a CATHOLIC TAKE OVER, and my question remains, if the Zonal method wasn’t adhered to, how on earth would Willie become a Governor?.
Must we make Anambra to be in Chaotic state before we move on?..
This is ludicrous and if it is funny my teeth are not baring…

Mazi Odera POg JP


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