“Anyone sent to deliver foolish message to me, will not achieve it” – Mbaka reacts against DSS invitation to Abuja

“Anyone sent to deliver foolish message to me, will not achieve it” – Mbaka reacts against DSS invitation to Abuja



Ejike Mbaka, a famous Catholic priest and the spiritual director of Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) in Enugu, has reported that he has been summoned by the Department of Secret Service (DSS) in Abuja over an undisclosed matter.

Mbaka paused the ministry’s activities for a month last month, stating that he was going on a private prayer retreat and would not be available until June.

The ministry’s activities were suspended last month after a slew of scandals erupted when a priest called for President Buhari to resign or face impeachment over the country’s deteriorating security situation.

Mbaka’s outburst, according to the president, was caused by the Buhari-led administration’s refusal to fulfil the priest’s request for a contract favour.

Although Fr. Mbaka did not deny approaching President Buhari, he did clarify that the request he made was for three contractors to assist in resolving the country’s insecurity problem.

As a result, Mabaka said during a service at the Adoration Ground in Enugu on Sunday that he was called on the phone by security men in his home on Thursday, just 24 hours after he resumed work, and that there were some DSS personnel at his gate who requested to see him because they had a letter of invitation for him.

Mbaka went on to say that his house security guys declined to receive the invitation letter on his behalf, instead telling the DSS people to come back and present it to him on Sunday when he’ll be available.

He said; “Anybody that thinks now they have silence Mbaka from speaking, is wasting his time, because I will not keep quiet in the face of evil.”

Speaking further, he said; “Anyone sent to deliver foolish and stupid message to me, will not achieve it.”

“Anyone who is planning and thinking of shutting down Adoration Ministry will regret it.

There are killings in the country, here and there. I am not for any tribe or ethnic, I am for humanity.

All these things, hunger, unemployment, killings, bloodshed, among others cannot be happening and you’ll expect me to be silent ?

I am being directed by a supernatural power, the Holy Spirit.” He added.

The man of God also narrated he spoke up during Sani Abacha’s regime, Ibrahim Babagida, ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo tenure and late Yara’dua’s time.

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