APGA Please.. what is it? – POg

APGA Please.. what is it? – POg

Written by Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)

As I was sitting under the Mango tree watching Ngozi and Ukaa playing catch up on the other side of the Fence decked on micro mini, i saw Egbeigwe who zoomed pass with speed of light without exchanging greetings with Mkpisi, that was when I touched the Anunuebe tied between my Nadike Ogbogu and went after him because whatever it is, my office as POg has the overseeing factors and it is not in dispute .

As I met him at Orie Agu, before I demand to know why he is pissed this morning, he attacked me by saying “Mkpisi, egotego gi?” (Have they bought you?) and it was like a Gas(Mess) passed sitting Atop a Tree which confuses the Fly, I kept quiet and allow things to evolve, so I will get grasp of whatever that is cooking or cooked, that was when Amuma na Egbe Igwe said in a relaxed voice, Mkpisi are you saying you did not hear that APUGA is at it again the Brand new Con they started recently after real party men left ?..

That, they have collected the sum of 1 Billion in two installments from a preferred candidate and risk giving him the Flag without any democratic niceties?.

That the Total charged Bill is 1.5 B but the last part will be paid after he is handed the Flag in undemocratic gestapo style …
plans are enroute to disqualify men who has spent a lot promoting and vying with the party, things has been planned to do the last Hocus Pocus or what it called “Okanga Igba Nkea, anyi anaa”(Last Dance).

Umunna, as much as I know I can’t put it pass the party after what happened last Election which took the Party to many Shrines and deities to subject them from speaking over the democratic rape with the Extortion that accompanied same.

Where all manner of extortion and exploitation were perfected or say carried out without minding the effect it will have on the morals of members extorted.

The most painful part is, seems the EXCO is not even on the know or on the game this time around, and as it is, they have nothing to loose by standing on lofty point to declare and decree that, the Party NWC calls the short and preferred Free and Fair Primaries or head to Court for interpretation of the duties of NWC and EXCO of a Party.

They forget that NWC were schooled in this sharky waters of Erie Ndia, Erie Ndia and later disenfranchised even those they extort the Party most, it gives the party a soiled name.

My worries is that, this is not the APGA we labored for yesteryear , not the Party we used to say “Onye aghana Nwanne ya” this one seems not go have Nwanne and ojogburu onwe ya na Njo and stink to high heaven.

What makes me angry is that this people who entered the party through Back door did not understand that you can’t move certain amount of money in this country without certain ears hearing about it, also they are busy killing the Party that would’ve served as our Factor, but what we have now is making me to Peep at things with goose pimples all over me.

If APGA wants to implode they should atleast for sake of those who labored and brought it to limelight and gave her some Igbo Flavor, they should show some semblance of maturity, not selling it away to crash and burn.

One thing APGA should know is that aga eri Ona, ma chiga efo..

They should also know na Nwatakiri si na Nne ya agaghi ehi Ura, must be awake to bring such to fruition.

2021 will be an interesting one as YPP don’t have Primaries in thier play book.

PDP perform Denominational Primaries.. Which will also shatter hope of ascension.

APC will intimidate, cajole and shove anybody down the Party throat and make ONWA to do his natural ANTI PARTY activities.

APGA will repeat the same act of iwelu nkea ego gi efue, but they should know that only once can you pawn a Man, the second time will bring a waterloo.

Like I always say, there are people who are not qualified ichi meeting Umunna talk less of this state.

Just for the unbroken record.. Any man that pays 1.5 Billion to remove other Aspirants from the field, must be ezigbo Ekperima and when he takes over (If God turn his back on us) he is not coming to work, he is coming to maximize the investment and those that gave him the money he used in buying the flag Will make his tenure to appear like OKIJA SHRINE part 2,season 3..

I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Special Adviser on Good Governance, Minority Opinion writer na South East, Nwa Chukwu Ku na aka na ONWU agaghi egbu nwu ya and I come in peace.
My Breakfast is interesting, will take Okwu Iba with Milk and cabin Biscuit, for today has enough on the plate.


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