Arewa Warns Northern Youths Not To Retaliate, Gives Reasons

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), has said that Nigeria will be in flares in the event that Northerners counter the assaults on them in other regions. Emmanuel Yawe, ACF’s representative, said this whereas cautioning Northern youths against striking back within the confront of all shapes of incitements.

“You see the thing around the north is that individuals will be inciting the north and the north will fair keep calm, but once the north strikes back, the entire nation will go in flames. “So we’ll proceed to prompt northern youths not to require the law into their hands, they ought to stay calm and not set the nation ablaze,” he said. The request by the ACF representative is coming at a time a few Northern bunches declared Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) pioneer, Nnamdi Kanu, needed for the annihilation and killings of Northerners within the Southeast. 17 Northern bunches beneath the aegis of the Northern Agreement Development (NCM) had made the affirmation whereas putting a bounty of N100m on Kanu.

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