As PDP Finally Voiced Ceding Ticket to South – Last Born

As PDP Finally Voiced Ceding Ticket to South – Last Born

Written by Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)

When I heard the Governor of Enugwu State, Gov Ugwuanyi while addressing Anambara PDP STAKEHOLDERS with PDP Aspirants in Anambra, he posed a question and I present “Ndi Anambara, kedu ebe Unu si anyi ga eje?” and it was chorused SOUTH…

He waited like a referee who wanted to use AVR (ASSISTANT VIDEO REFEREE), I perceived he may be waiting for Loud dissent, but after seconds of flat response, he now said “Since nobody is against going South, then South it shall be” .

Even me Mazi Odera POg JP is in dissent on Zonal arrangement because the first time we explored such in Anambara, we lost our Capital, that made us to ask the elusive but probing question” Ogini na anyi ji isi kote na Anambara? ” because eresiri anyi Adaka na Onu Enwe and because I was part of that trade, I washed my hands off another mischief pursuit or any other Dud sales, but as Ugwuanyi is the current PDP GOVERNORS CHAIRMAN IN SOUTH EAST, the option is limited, couple with the fact that they think less on what pedestrians have as opinion.

So on personal dissent but with respect to choice of the Party, I watch with hands Akimbo, but with resolution of making sure that even at the Zonal discomfort, we can still get a better option among the agreed Zone within the Party.

Like I always analize, APGA will have a heculian task convincing Voters to bring back another tenure of ineffective performance, plus Anambra is never a state one can impose a lieutenant because in the days of Locust, we have had enough or imposition of liabilities, though from Men of the South, so replacing self with successor is never on the Annals of Anambra Politics.

APC is not on IGBO Christmas Card list they pose no threat unless they field a Candidate with extraordinary finesse.. Infact the name tears trouser in our pysch and present an angle that needs more than sentiment to purge, so that stands as deflator from that side.

Moving on, other parties are just to make up ballot papers as in ejirim Guzue or anyi solu zo election.

I make bold to say, if PDP simply find self in mood for election and throw away Ntu na aghugho which has being the bane of the party, most of the executives have a conscience that seems ran over by Trailer carrying Cement, as they will go to APGA and collect accursed money and work against PDP CANDIDATE and still remain Party Huncho, something that is NON Political but Toxic and yet they allowed it as “it doesn’t matter”, but let’s move on..

Just as I stood back at BANK OF RIVER NIGER and weighting the options of having a Governor who can turn the fortunes of the state back to what it used to be before the advent of “Let’s go North”, a mistake we wish never happened, but it actually happened and with effect that will last for decades, if we fail to bring a hand that understand how to make unworkable institution to become workable, then we are doomed like never before.

I know we are people who pride self as ardent but mischievous Christians, because we left things that will help our life, such as providing things only Human can make available then switch to prayers, as if God tars Roads, as if God will come and pay Salaries and gratituties.. Same God who always provide us a chance to Vote into Power people that can led us out of bondage like Moses led Israelites out of Egypt, but after every 4years, we take peanuts and vote along Denominational, Zonal, Party and emergency Charity person.. Which always pay us with fraudulent tenure.. Moving on..

That search landed me at a Farmer, industrialist, a Man with similar metallic Voice as it was with the only Governor that raised the bar of Governance in history of Nigerian Democracy, lifted the state from Curse to cure, cleared the blur the state use to be, changed the narrative from “HOME for All ” including former headquarters of Ndi Agbero, he changed it to LIGHT THAT ILLUMINATE THE NATION and removed the academic retrogression and wear us apparel of the well Read, only in Anambara former Governor did we found that.

As PDP gears up for primaries, the need to have a closer look at the person of Chief Godwin EZEMO, Achinagbaruora na Anambara (Translated as Cheerful giver to all) , he has the miem, he has the Charisma that replicated that of THE ONLY GOVERNOR that worked, he has commanded many business into success, he midwifed Agriculture and left it to Halleluya height.

He seems to be a Man with reason for the mission, he has majority of his investment in Anambara which is a collateral and assurance we can bank upon.

As my old man will say “Obughi Enwe ntagha mbu” (Not the first bite for a Monkey or say in better translation, this is not his first RODEO).

Good a thing he is not, will not and cannot be shopping for Godfather of any sought nor will he be hold firmly at his juggler for pay back after the election.

Politically we all can agree that he have paid his dues, swam the Shark infested political waters of the state, he have lived and still living within the confines of the state, Infact he has transformed his own Town to Eldorado with personal wealth with Tarred Roads, Building businesses, School, Factories that are thriving .. Which I can say place him in a position he can advise the way Forward in so many sectors as he will be like… We shouldn’t do it that way because I tried it and it failed, we should do it this way because I tried it and it paid…

so I can say without mincing words that he is tested and trusted as far as Anambara Politics is at play.

PDP has the wealthiest Aspirants, most Vibrant set of Made Men and Women, though they also have Bunch of ANTI PARTY merchants, but they are the Party to contend with, but we must circumspent..

My duties including profiling Aspirants while the Duties of Party Delegates is to either Vote right or sale thier Votes which has always been the case and the Party will either fail again or win and take non performance to the Zenith..

Ekelu Oru Eke, mine is to place mirror before Aspirants and the Job of delegates is to Vote right or wrong, the masses to vote for a good Candidate or for those who share more money, Emesia ofanye Unu na Eze.

Chief EZEMO has what it takes if we truly talk about salvaging a state in quagmire..

The choice is ours..

FACTS… He has no abandoned Site or half delivered projects, meaning he can’t drag the state half way and abandon same.

He doesn’t have outrageous taste in life, so he won’t be spending our money in frivolities.

He has been eating before the meeting, so nobody can accuse him for ibu ubu Nri.

He seems contended, so he won’t be competing for unlimited vanity.

I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Special Adviser on Good Governance, Minority Opinion writer na South East, Nwa Chukwu Ku na aka na ONWU agaghi egbu nwu ya and by the grace of God a Political Analyst with Feathers.


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