The political situation in Nigeria is debilitating. First, we have clowns and imperialists, undemocratic elements occupying democratic positions, a good example of wolves in sheep clothing, political alleluia boys who were loyal to their masters and have won a place in the corridors of power and having learnt from their God father’s the “Nigerian act of celebrated political incompetence” have become themselves tycoons of incompetence.

Second, we have the underground politicians, their duty is underground, they do not involve in politics directly, they are the money bags that engineer political campaigns and collect returns and pension from their sponsored boys.

Third, we have the real politicians, leaders elected and occupying political positions. These group, you can’t be sure about them. They are here and there. They are in the two other categories, but they are the face of Nigerian politics. These third group have failed and their trade mark is DEFECTION, CORRUPTION and IMPUNITY. Truth, there are good ones amongst them, but they are less than one and possibly equal to zero.

Characteristically, political defection has become a trade in Nigeria. This is firstly a sign of failure, lack of political will, lack of political ideology and in most recent time, a way of escape. Stories have it that once you join a particular political party today, you are “religiously absolved” from your sins of theft and other apolitical acts. Obviously, this can be common with all ruling political class, but this seems to have gained more ground in the present dispensation of ruling political party

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Stories have it that once you join a particular political party today, you are “religiously absolved” from your sins of theft and other apolitical acts.

“I am not an APC member, but truth be told, whoever says Buhari and his feral band of APC members have not done well in the last six years should have his or her head examined. Catapulting Nigeria from its abysmal ranking on May 29, 2015 to the world’s 3rd most terrorised country, Nigeria’s ranking as the world’s poverty capital; making kidnapping the most lucrative industry, there’s no denying that these feats and more, are consistent with the regime’s developmental agenda and their well advertised Next Level policy framework. To fault this trajectory is akin to denying the existent of day and night.”

It is to this party of the “cult of saints” that Ayade, the colossal “success” or “failure” of Cross River politics has bought into. Let it be known, Ayade not Cross River is APC. We are in a democracy and not a monarchy. What could be his reason? Fear, corruption, career, good or bad reasons, unreconciled differences in political ideology or the carcass of battle left unattended. Turncoats complain about the absence of internal democracy in their parties and of political witch-hunt by political gladiators as reasons for defection, but can this be true? Isn’t it weird to see politicians castigate a political party at sunset only to defect to same party at sunrise? That is the problem with politicians in Nigeria. The end must justify the means. The wellbeing of a minority matter more than the interests of a starving majority. Truth be told, the reason for defection can not be judged to be good. It is for nothing other than to become a saint and possibly evade the impending consequences of the misappropriation that has occurred and is occurring within his government. Arguably, there is nothing he needs to do that he has not the power to do even now. Getting in League with the now party he has defected to, can not in anyway make him a better politician, instead, it has the possibility of increasing the damage and failure already within.

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There is an alarming rise in organised political defections in Nigeria. This is because Nigeria’s version is a guided democracy and a democracy for the few. Sadly, the young are buying fast to this folly. Nigeria is under siege by the disrespects of a lackluster few, and the youth are disappointingly in line to continue this trade.

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Some have chosen not to discuss political matters because they believe nothing will ever change in Nigeria. Others have confessed to taking their entire family-members out if the country during electioneering periods, only to return after elections due to the capriciousness of politics in Nigeria. What do you see as the goals of these political-Quislings? Could it be for securities, relevance? Should politics be a matter of life and death? Without a doubt, political figures achieve their goals easily in Nigeria. The larger populations are poorly educated in the mind to demand for accountability and they lack the financial and emotional stamina to pour out on the street to protest against drolleries hindering growth and development.

You cannot blame them; people who are financially disempowered operate from a position of weakness. Who you know in Nigeria’s political scene is more important than “what you do,” than of adding value. Leadership is contextual, and politics is competitive but these lots fear opposition and so cannot compete. They want to be in the winning teams always and this is the main underline of defection.