Biggie had his first diary session with the housemates today, check out conversation in Diary session with Liquorose.

BB: How does it feel to be in BB house?

LIQUOROSE: Great and am loving it.

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BB: What are your thoughts about your fellow HM

LIQUOROSE: we just arrived at the house, I don’t have any real thoughts for now.

BB: Which of the HM are you bonding with well.

LIQUOROSE: YERINS, Maria, Princess, Emmanuel, Tega.

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BB: Before you entered BB house, you went into isolation for a few weeks. Share with BB, your experience

LIQUOROSE: It was an intriguing, mixed feeling.
Good experience just like therapy.

BB: Anything else?


This is the conversation in Diary session with Liquorose, stay tuned right here.

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You can also read the diary session of Jaypaul with Biggie.


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