Biggie had his first diary session with the housemates today, check out conversation in Diary session with Yousef.


BB: How do you feel?

YOUSEF: I feel so different amongst my other HM. I hope I don’t make fellow HM uncomfortable

Biggie advises Yousef to feel at home since all HM is his guest. Everyone is equal

BB: How do you see your fellow housemates?

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YOUSEF: First I connected well with SAGA.
In general, I feel a lot of HM are setting up stories.
I need 3 days to get to know all HM to free myself and my soul. So I can start to maneuver around as a team player.

BB: Who do you think are the pretenders and liars?

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YOUSEF: Sammy, I think want us to feel sad about him. I hate that he is always telling me what to do.
BOMA was very energetic towards me. After 24 hours something changed. He does not want to have a conversation with me. I think he pretends.

BB: Before the show, you went into isolation for a few weeks. Share your experience and the biggest lesson learned.

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YOUSEF: At the lockdown, I was thinking about how to go about the show. Am not able to connect well after the lockdown.

BB: Anything else?

YOUSEF: Thank you

Yousef thinking about people too much…..

This is the conversation in Diary session with Yousef, stay tuned right here.

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