Be brutal on #EndSARS protesters to justify the killing of Shiites in Zaria- Islamic Cleric tells govt

Be brutal on #EndSARS protesters to justify the killing of Shiites in Zaria- Islamic Cleric tells govt

Sheikh Musa Asadus Sunnah, an Islamic cleric has reacted over the ongoing #EndSARS protests across the country. The preacher asked the government brutally enrich on those #EndSARS protesters to get them off the streets across the country.

The cleric was reacting base on the treatment meted on its members of the Islamic Movement in Zaria, Kaduna State, in 2015 where over 300 Shiites were killed by the military during a procession. He demanded that such brutality should also enrich on those peaceful demonstrators demanding an end to police brutality and reform of the law enforcement agency in many parts of the country.

According to him, it is only when this is done that the killing of Shiites in Zaria can be justified and agreed to have been done in the interest of national security as claimed by the government.

Speaking in Hausa language, the Islamic cleric said, “I am going to say what you people have never heard me say today. There was a crisis in Zaria where Shiites were attacked and massacred. If the reason truly was for national stability, then anybody that challenges and undermines the authority of the Nigeria State, declare war against them for Nigeria to stay in peace.

“But if you (government) declared war against those ones (Shiites) in the name of Nigeria and another group are now causing instability and war is not declared against them, then no sensible person will accept the rational giving for the action against the Shiites without questioning.

“Both are human beings. If one group is punished because of Nigeria, then whoever is perceived to have engaged in an act of destabilisation, you (government) should take action to eliminate and punish him for Nigeria to be in peace.

“You (government) need to know this. Don’t think you (government) are the only one that is sensible, the masses have sense too.”


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