Biafra: Suspected BNL Members Resume Hostility In Gulf Of Guinea


Some militias suspected to be members of the Biafra Nations League (BNL), has resurfaced, threatening to continue the fight for Biafra independence in the Gulf of Guinea.

In a recent video circulating online, the militia group, numbering up to five, were seen armed with local guns, a Biafran flag and paddling a boat in Archibong town, Isangele subdivision in the ceded Bakassi Peninsula area.

The group who said they are BNL members under Bakassi, vowed to continue the fight for Biafra.

“We’re freedom fighters under Bakassi base. We have been suffering a lot,” they said.

The group added “This is Bakassi Peninsula. We’re around the river side now inside Isangele. As far as Bakassi is concerned, we no get plenty talk to tell una but they don decide to join Biafra and we will continue the fight.”

BNL through its Chief Head of Operations, Henry Edet had earlier issued threats to shutdown the Peninsula and ban foreign vessels from entering Nigeria on 30th May Biafra memorial day, saying, “BNL have banned all foreign vessel from entering Nigeria through the Biafra coastal line of Bakassi Peninsula following deaf ears paid to the killings and incessant arrests going on in the former Eastern Nigeria by the international community.

“BNL Marine squad will apprehend any foreign group or individual vessel seen around our territory from May 30, this also applies to Cameroon. International business works only where there is peace.”

The pro-Biafra group disclosed that preparations for Biafra Day has continued as BNL members resurfaced after clash with Cameroon’s BIR in Bakassi Peninsula, to hoist flag on May 30 despite threats.

Recall that the group reportedly clashed with a troop of Cameroon’s Battalion d’intervention Rapide (BIR), in Isangele(Usakedet) area of Bakassi Peninsula few days ago. BNL insisted that movement of foreign vessels along the coastal line remained banned.

In response, Cameroon has since beefed up security in the region as well as the Nigerian Navy.


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