Big U.S company announce to ban Facebook and Twitter

Big U.S company announce to ban Facebook and Twitter

Your T1 WIFI, an Internet provider in North Idaho, has announced its determination to ban Facebook and Twitter networking apps from its WIFI service over censorship of its clients.

On Monday, local TV network KREM 2 announced that the move followed customer concerns, who seemed unimpressed with the U.S. delisting. Accounts of President Donald Trump from social media sites.

Your T1 WIFI said yesterday in an email to its clientele that customers who have demanded that Facebook and Twitter be blocked on their service will be granted their wishes beginning next Wednesday.

“We have the past couple days been fielding calls from customers voicing the concern that they do not want these sites allowed to be displayed on their internet feed,” the email read in part.

“We have made this decision to block these two websites (Facebook and Twitter) from being accessed from our network,” it added.

The Internet firm emphasised that it was strongly against social networking sites censoring the online activities of their users, while berating Google for yanking off social media app, Parler from its play store.

The app was frequently used by supporters of President Trump, who has been spotlighted in recent weeks for his ceaseless outbursts about being swindled out of a win in the November 3 presidential election.


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