Breaking: Northern Onion marketers to stop exportation to the south

Breaking: Northern Onion marketers to stop exportation to the south

The Nigerian Association of Onion Producers, Processors and Marketers (OPMAN) threatened to stop supplying onions to the entire southern region of Nigeria. According to the organization, unless certain conditions established by the association are met, the embargo on supplies will not be lifted.

The association revealed that in recent months, in addition to the loss of life of its members, suspected hooligans in the southern states destroyed around 4.5 billion naira worth of onions and property without any compensation.

The association’s national president, Alhaji Aliyu Isa, revealed this when speaking to reporters in Sokoto. He called on state governors to urgently cooperate with the federal government to establish a committee to investigate the root causes of multiple attacks against members of the association.

He however said if the government failed to adhere to the demands of the association,

“We are shutting down the supply of Onions to the entire south by Monday, June 7, 2021. There will be no truck that will off-load onions by 12midnight of Friday 11th June 2021.”

one of OPMAN’s demands was that its members who had suffered losses as a result of the crises in the south must be duly compensated.

Others include restoration of law and orders in those areas as well as a thorough investigation to uncover the remote causes of those attacks on their members.

OPMAN also called on the host communities to respect the constitutional rights of northern traders in their respective states.

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