Buhari Govt: Fr Mbaka Reacts Over Being Silent


Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka, founder and spiritual director of the Adoration Ministry Enugu (AMEN), has finally speak out by revealing the reasons he has not been reacting to the Nigerian government. He said that the Buhari administration has not been offering Nigerians the best opportunity rather it has caused more harm and danger to them.

It was reported that the cleric accused the president of been the cause of Nigeria’s problem and advised him to resign or drop his position. He made the statement due to the insecurity challenges going on all over the country. Many Nigerians are been killed while some are kidnapped by gunmen.

Rev. Mbaka revealed that he remained silent for one month to see whether the Nigerian government will change from her ways. He added that because the government failed to change, he has to speak out to the people.

He also issues a strong warning to those leaders and Nigerians who criticized his message and preaching. He said anybody trying to challenge his massage is challenging the god of thunder and should be ready to face the consequences.


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