A Nigerian cleric named Apostle Paul Okikijesu  just declared that the president of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari and two other African Presidents will be remove unless they change from their evil ways.

The Apostle of Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry, said that the administration of Buhari has been torn and will be handed over to a person closer in rank to him, just like King Saul.

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Paul said: Lord God of hosts has spoken that the works of Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast presidents does not please him and they will all be removed from their tenure if they remain recalcitrant.

He further Stated that “ They may choose not to hear from him, but if they disobey and exalt human, idols above God the wrath of God will come mightily on them all.
They will be removed and their close relations will ascend, the lord has provided successors that are better than they.

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He further said: I Okikijesu do not own the life’s of all these three Presidents, but the God whom Abraham served, the God whom Isaac served and the God who protected Israel, I would ask for their life anytime, with no delay.

Thus says the Lord of hosts: I the Lord can ask for their souls anytime that I like, and their posts will be given to their neighbors who are better than them, they should try to Mark down this day, that if they remain stubborn to the God of heavens, the Hebrews, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit;