The Coalition of Northern Groups has expressed concern once more about southeast leaders’ stance on secession agitations currently taking place in the region.

The CNG stated in a communique issued at the conclusion of their recent meeting, “The refutal is a belated desperation to flee a raging fire they fanned with their own hands by several years of indoctrinating their youth with hatred of the entire Nigeria in general, and the desperation amounts to yet another attempt to buy time to regroup for another onslaught and violence like it has been.”

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“The rest of Nigeria, particularly the North, must not fall into the trap of accepting the lies, deception, and falsehood of the Igbo leaders, which cannot be supported by the prevailing reality.

“Despite their claim to have strength in what is happening, evidence suggests that their stake in ensuring what they are promising is a mere illusion, as their entire collective might was recently subdued by IPOB anarchy who call the shots and had the wherewithal to threaten and enforce a shutdown of all activities in the entire five states of the South East,”

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The group went on to say, “The refutation by the South East leaders is unacceptable, and we insist on a referendum to set the stage for the final exit of the Igbo from the rest of Nigeria, which has never engaged in such violent agitations for breakup at any time.”

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According to the Naturenex news there have been recent agitations for secession in Nigeria’s south-eastern region, led by Nnamdi Kanu and organized under the banner of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

However, southeastern leaders have maintained their stance that they do not support the secession movement while pledging their support for a united Nigeria.