The Grand Alliance of All Progressives (APGA), the Anambra State Chapter, fell into chaos yesterday after the dismissal of the national president, Victor Oye, and the suspension of six other party executives. The party’s National Propaganda Secretary Ikchuku Chinyere briefed reporters after the party’s 114th National Election Committee meeting in Abuja, announcing the appointment of Chief Jude Okek to succeed the country’s chairman, and The other suspended members are listed, including Chindu Obidivi, Harman Gide, Sylvester Ezeokenwa, Adamu Musa, Chief Okogbuo, and Ifeanyi Mbaeri.

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He said they were suspended indefinitely from the party for anti-party activities, gross misconduct and conduct capable of bringing the party’s image to disrepute, among others.


In response to the developments, yesterday, Oye said that he was still the national chairman of the party and ordered the party members to ignore the announcement, saying that his so-called dismissal was absurd and irrelevant.

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In a telephone interview monitored in Awka, Oye said: “It has become a tradition in the party that at each electioneering period, some people would want to foment trouble to cause confusion for personal interests.

It’s what we see in every primary election. So, no shaking. If this were in the civilised country, these people would have been arrested and jailed.”

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He said there was a procedure that you have to give INEC a notice to be able to convene a National Working Committee, adding that the chairman convenes NWC.

So, my purported removal is laughable and balderdash. These people do not exist and I am surprised that people are giving it publicity. What they did is media sack. Those people do not exist and they should be dealt with,” he noted.