On Monday, the Nigerian social media space went into a frenzy after Adamu Garba’s ‘Crowwe’ application was removed from the Google Play store.

The Crowwe app, which has been described as an instant messaging and financial transaction app that comes with a digital wallet that allows users to transfer and receive money while chatting,

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has received the most negative feedback in the aftermath of his statement after the Buhari-led administration banned the operation of the microblogging platform, Twitter, in Nigeria indefinitely.

Before the suspension went into effect, Adamu stated via his verified Twitter account that the Crowwe app was an alternative to the microblogging website that could help “to grow Nigeria.”

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When President Buhari’s genocidal tweet was deleted, the former presidential candidate called for the platform to be banned.

“Twitter has no business interfering in our local political affairs. It’s a business, not the government. Twitter should be removed from Nigerian internet space for removing our democratically elected President’s speech to the people of Nigeria. “Twitter needs to leave Nigeria,” he tweeted.