Donald Trump sparks an online response to the presidential election


Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America, once again sparked an online response to the presidential election. 

Many are waiting for Donald Trump to give a concession speech, but it seems like he is not yet prepared or able to consider such a speech in any way. 

Donald Trump has already rolled out legal suits against the election see him off as the next President of the United States after his four years tenure expires.

Donald Trump was beaten hands down in the just concluded Presidential election despite he is still the incumbent president, the Democratic Joe Biden landslided Donald Trump in the election result as he garnered 306 out of 270 votes, initially required to become the president-elect while Donald Trump scored 232 votes.

Donald Trump has now moved online again and caused reaction as he said “NO WAY WE LOST THIS ELECTION!” Which means they don’t lost the election.

Here are some of the reactions pictures below;


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