President Muhammadu Buhari has been widely chastised for claiming that if the Igbo were attacked, they would have nowhere to flee, describing them as a “dot in a circle.”

Following agitation from certain parts of the zone for a separatist state of Biafra, the president went hard on the Igbo in a televised appearance last week.

However, some replies to President Buhari’s remark have underlined that such behaviour is not expected of a president whom people should look forward to as a father of the country, regardless of race or religion.

Some easterners have reacted angrily to President Muhammadu Buhari’s characterization of Ndigbo as a dot in a circle.

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In a statement issued on Sunday by the Head of Information and Communication of the group, Uche Mefor, it noted that the utterance by the President has clearly demonstrated his intent for a genocidal action against the Igbo nation.

Mefor said ” President Muhammadu Buhari’s statement that Igbos (whom he referred to as IPOB) are “a dot in the circle” is an unfortunate manifestation of his insatiable desire, genocidal intent and ethnic cleansing of the Igbo Biafrans.”

He claimed that the ongoing militarisation of the entire Igboland and the launch of operation restore peace in both South South and South East is a recipe for his commencement of that genocide and crimes against humanity which he alleged could not complete between 1967 and 1970.

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“This is also reminiscent of the description by Leon Mugesera of the Tutsis in Rwanda as “cockroaches” who must be exterminated in the build up to the horrific genocide in that country in 1994.

“This existential threat which Muhammadu Buhari represents to the entire population is not only for the Igbos in South East but everybody in the South South and should be ignored to the consternation and chagrin of all.

“That is why it is not going to be taken for granted. Hence, self-preservation which is the greatest unconscious and innate human response to danger remains the safest fallback for the populations of both the South East and South South.

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” The unity of these two regions of Biafra at this particular point in time cannot be overemphasized. All stakeholders and particularly the political class must stand with their people and defend their collective interest.

“They must think beyond 2023 and save themselves from the impending genocide and crimes against humanity. Let us make that sacrifice and make sure that South East and South South are protected and insulated from the invaders.”