Eastern Governors hear this from POg

Eastern Governors hear this from POg

Written by Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)

When my old man is pissed over continual complain on issues that seems helpless from appropriate quarters, he will say “odaba ejeghi Awgbu, ejeghi Awgbu, onye Obu aria Ogbu di be Nna ya” (When a brawl get to.. Move it down to Awgbu and the hiccups are much, one can climb Ogbu tree in his fathers Compound).

The security situation in Nigeria in General have reached dohanu (Appeal made for one to come and separate a fight).

It scared the Police right round, cause DSS Hypertension, Scare the Army in a way even real War can’t scare them, now it has reached the stage of onye nwe Nwa kpolu Nwa ya.

Wasn’t it said “Ekesia na ama ebulu naba na Obi ! (After. Sharing at the Public square, we take it back to Kindred for Mkpuke portioning).

The Nation have shown the Natural disdain for everything Igbo and our national security have gone to” Who cares”, so as we are tormented by harmattan, we have to lick our lips to allow us moist it against tears of the season, which if we don’t, Harmattan will do us the unflavored favor.

Security was lapsed during the days of Dr Chris Ngige, he created a Native Vigilante, they got fortified with Native Bullet proof and by natural provision they have the aura of invisibility around them, they stayed the path until he left, meaning they served well enough.

Since the National security are not united enough, not strong enough and certainly not about to risk confrontational with the Northern, Southern Youths that took up Arms to remonstrate over the Bad shape of the Nation, we should know that after they must have succeeded in chasing away all brand of security from our paths, they will become that which they chased away, it is natural, nature abhor Vacuum, so while you eradicate evil, there will be a vacuum and evacuators will step in and become the Predators which they chased away.

I will suggest to Governors of South East to legislate Vigilante, that way it is Democratically empowered to provide Security and since there is already ironed out fund to manage them called Security Vote which every Governor have been using as personal slush fund, that can be brought to proper use now for faster atonement Maka the previous mis use.

Among the Vigilante, those who are out there now can be incorporated and given legitimacy, that way they will Form perimeter around us, then fish out both internal and imported terror that dwell within..

Continual blaming the Federal even when you are the Chief Security is laughable, you can go the extra mile to make sure your subjects are protected and even if takes resurrecting AJO OFIA and hand him the Battle Axe, what matters is to get the job done and under supervision, so that it doesn’t turn to menace along the way, which it always do when they are not paid right and timely.

In Lagos state far back, Igbo traders started a formidable Mechanism that stopped buglers from breaking and looting thier shops, they employed the King of Robbers as Chief Securities, so the Chiefs will place a Banner stating they are in charge of the Zone, not even one security presence but not one Pin get lost again, because they placed rat in charge of guarding the Fish Basket, and Dog doesn’t eat the Bone hung on her neck.

In the days of Yore there was a saying which provide “Ndigbo adighi agba oso Mmiri, ma ozughi fa aru” but we can prove that wrong by looking at the sky that is misty, so we can deduct the weight of the incoming torrent that will pour.

Agha akalu aka adiro eri Ngwolo cholu idi Ndu, which was why Ndigbo provided the wise saying of “Bido na Oge choba Ewu di Oji tupu Chi ejie, Maka abani ya na ochichiri aburu otu”.

I will rest my case with modern day saying “aga na Anu Ogu tupu Uwe Ojii ewelu bia, ka fa fu ife Ana azo”.

If our Governors failed to do what they should do, the anger of the masses may, I repeat may fall on them ma odaba Kwapu Kwapu and having said the above, let me go before Mpa Nnukwu and cry him a bucket.

I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Special Adviser on Good Governance to the Governor of Anambra State (UNPAID), Minority Opinion writer na South East, Nwa Chukwu Ku na aka na ONWU agaghi egbu nwu ya and I don’t have joy again after looking at the Sky and observe the Dark sky that is pregnant with doom.


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