Easy Guides to publish posts on WordPress site

Easy Guides to publish posts on WordPress site

Take the follow guides on how to succefully publish post content on a WordPress site through your website admin area…

Without wasting much of your time, lets start with the following steps:

Step 1:

Login to your website admin area with your username and password e.g (“If your website domain name is http://yourdomain.com, then your website admin area should be this way http://yourdomain.com.ng/wp-admin)… It will take you to your site admin area, where you can make every changes you want.

~Type: http://yourdomain.com.ng/wp-admin on your browser (use Chrome)… (See Sample Image below)

Enter Your Username or Email Address and password provided in the form

Step 2.
After entering your username and password (correctly). It’ll direct you to your site admin area.

Your admin area must look exactly as the same as the image below.

Step Four: Click plus

Click the plus ➕ sign (See Green arrow below image) at the top bar, to post your article, again click “Post” (blue arrow), which will redirect you to another surface to where you can create your first article post. (See Sample Image below)

Here is where you can create your post…(See Sample Image below)

5. Step Five:
Write your article headlines (Red arrow ~ Add Title) and your post contents (Black arrow)….(See Sample Image below)

See Example Below

Step Six:

[Select Category and Featured Image]

Categorizing your post, helps readers to focus on a desired content on your siteWhile Featured Image is an image that will be displayed at the front of your blog site… It’s also an image that every viewers will see first at either your social media or anywhere else before clicking to read the full content, so you’ve to be very careful while choosing your featured image… Choose featured image that is very related to your article and most especially make it more attractive to your viewers attention, if not they won’t click to view your post.

Here the example of Featured image on website:

Step Seven:

Click/tap on setting ( pointed by arrow) to move to another surface…(See Sample Image below)

After taking you to another surface, Tap/click on “Post”… Then stroll down to where you can locate and select category and Featured Image… (See Sample Image below)

~ Next, Tap/click on “Categories” to choose the best fit of your content post… and do the same at “Featured Image” as well (see image sample below)

~ Choosing category; You can see that My post is about Mr P of Psquare who is a Nigerian music celebrity~ then I’ve to select “Celebrities” as my category, so it will line with other celebrities post…(See Sample Image below)

~ Featured image, tap/click on “Set featured Image”….(See Sample Image below)

Step Nine:

At Upload files (blue arrow), click “Select Files” (red arrow)…(See Sample Image below)

~ It’ll direct you to your device “File manager”… (See Sample Image below)

~ Click at any image you want to use as your featured image… (See Sample Image below)

~ It’ll immediately take you back to your media library clicking on your image choice, click/tap on “set Featured Image”….(See Sample Image below)

~ After that, click/tap X (See arrow) to take you where you can publish post… (See Sample Image below)

(if you’re using small android phone to publish, you might not be able to see the X… So you’ve to change your phone from portrait and Landscape format so you can see it).

After setting up your featured Image and category… You can now hit publish (Blue Arrow) or save as draft (Red Arrow) if you’re not ready to publish yet…(See Sample Image below)

Click/tap publish again…(See Sample Image below)

You’re done…