Elon Musk to his followers, reveals the best social media to use over Facebook

Elon Musk to his followers, reveals the best social media to use over Facebook

Musk, who made this known in a tweet, posted a meme referring to the position of Facebook in spreading disinformation that led to last week’s assault on Congress and indicated that people should use the Signal app.

A recent update in Facebook’s privacy policy seems to have caused the tweets. The latest updates allow Facebook and its partner WhatsApp to share more data, including the sharing of phone numbers, platform interactions, mobile device details used to access the service, and IP addresses. If users of WhatsApp do not want to share data, their accounts are disabled.

Musk has been vocally critical of Facebook in the past, claiming that in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica debacle in 2018, he decided to remove Facebook accounts for SpaceX and Tesla.

He has had spats personally with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the two of whom have snipped at each other many times in the past over Twitter and other social media networks.

Facebook’s series of privacy issues has lead to increasing criticism of the company, including from prominent figures in the tech sphere. The app, Signal, is an encrypted messaging app that is more of an alternative to WhatsApp than to Facebook. It is for sharing messages securely between users or groups rather than a public social network.

As messages sent on Signal are encrypted, they remain private even if someone’s phone is stolen or confiscated by the police. This has made it popular among those organizing demonstrations such as the Black Lives Matter protests following the murder of George Floyd by police last summer.

However, Signal has not been without its security issues. A vulnerability in the app discovered last year could have allowed hackers to track users’ locations just by calling their Signal phone number, even if the hacker didn’t have the user’s contact information. The vulnerability was patched but did lead to concerns over how much users could trust the app to be secure.