EndSARS: Creating SARS Was My Biggest Mistake – Ex CP

EndSARS: Creating SARS Was My Biggest Mistake – Ex CP

Fulani Kwajafa, a former Nigerian commissioner of Police, has disclosed that he regretted ever creating the ‘now’ defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS.

The Ex CP said this during an interview with BBC Hausa, on Friday.

According to him, the ‘now’ defunct police unit was never created with any bad intention, rather it was created in the 80s when criminals seem to be on a rise and there was a need to curb criminal activities in the country as well as to foster peace in the Nigerian states.

“The IGP called me that we should do something to save the country from armed robbery incidents; I accepted the offer and requested for time and materials. I then mobilized personnel for the task.

“Four months after the formation of SARS in 1984, the unit flushed out the criminals and there was peace,” he said.

Fulani Kwajafa in his words further regretted creating the defunct police unit adding that he would not have created the police unit if he had seen a glimpse that it will later metamorphose into banditry.

“I always tell my wife that I was sad that what I created with good purpose and direction has been turned into banditry.”

“SARS of today is not the same SARS I established in 1984. This is not the SARS we formed in the 80s, I use to be ashamed that I am the person that created the SARS because of their activities, had it been I knew such things will happen, I could not have created the unit,” he added.


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