Failed Nigeria: “It is sad for Campbell to end career this way” – Garba blasts US ambassador.

Failed Nigeria: “It is sad for Campbell to end career this way” – Garba blasts US ambassador.

John Campbell, a former United States of America ambassador to Nigeria, and Prof Rotberg, a former Director at Harvard, both told the United States of America that it is past time for them to admit that Nigeria is a failed state due to the security challenges (issues) that the country is facing. The statement was made by John Campbell and Professor Rotberg in an article titled ‘The Giant of Africa is Falling.’

They both stated in the article that every part of Nigeria is facing one or more insecurity challenges, and the issue is threatening the nation’s existence. They also stated that with the sophisticated weapons that criminals are now using in the country, security personnel are finding it difficult to control them (Criminals). Following Campbell and Rotberg’s statements, many Nigerians have reacted to the situation.

Adamu Garba, a former presidential candidate, also responded to what John Campbell and Professor Rotberg said about Nigeria on his Verified Twitter account.

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In his response, Adamu Garba dragged Former Ambassador Campbell and claimed that “the so-called ambassador spent his entire career talking about his imaginary Nigerian failure.”

Adamu added that it is also time for the ambassador to admit that he has failed miserably in his doomsday prediction against Nigeria because Nigeria will always be strong. Adamu Garba concluded by lamenting John Campbell’s final struggles.

This is a screenshot of his tweet.

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