Fans reacts to what Messi did to Juventus goalkeeper

Fans reacts to what Messi did  to Juventus goalkeeper

After their clash at Camp Nou last night, football fans responded to what Lionel Messi did to Juventus goalkeeper Buffon.

Last night’s Champions League match between Barcelona and Juventus was an incredible game. Unfortunately for Lionel Messi’s side, at Camp Nou, they lost to Juventus.

The game was really interesting, but even though his rival Cristiano Ronaldo scored a brace during their clash, Messi couldn’t get a goal.

Messi is said to be the Barcelona man of the match with six shots on goal last night. Juventus was 12 minutes ahead of Barcelona as a generous penalty was awarded to Ronaldo after Ronald Araujo went shoulder to shoulder with him in box 18. He sent a 1-0 penalty down the centre.

With Messi’s excellent performance last night, however he was unable to get any of his shots past the seasoned goalkeeper. At Camp Nou, Buffon made seven saves to deny Messi’s goal.

Messi hadn’t managed seven shots on target since October 2018 in a Champions League fixture, yet he was unable to get any of them past Buffon.

Meanwhile Buffon and Messi exchanged jerseys at the final whistle, another show of respect between the champions.

He has faced Buffon six times in his career, and only ever scored in one of those games. Real recognized real as fans stated , after Messi exchanged jersey with Buffon last night.