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Enugu catholic priest, Father Mbaka has disclosed the reason he doesn’t own a private jet. The religious leader said that, – unlike other pastors who own private jets – he would help the poor instead. The priest questioned the purchase of a private jet when they are lots of poor people to help. He said this during a Sunday service at his Adoration Ministry.

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Fr. Mbaka said, ”Jesus said give them something to eat. We are ministers of God, it is not that Father Mbaka cannot a private jet but what am I doing with jet when my people have no job and no food to eat?

”It does not mean I cannot have millions in the bank, watching the money. Whatever God will give me that I will not use to serve the church and help the poor masses, let it not come to me. People should take things easy and understand me.” He added.

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Talking about the recent killings in Nigeria, Fr Mbaka has promised to always speak out. He was restrained by the catholic church to restrain from talking about politics. The priest admitted he has no plans of keeping quiet.

”Those who think Mbaka will be quiet, you are wasting your time. Do you know how many people have died in under one month in a country like this, how much blood has been shed? They cannot ask me to keep quiet. No blood is worth being shed.”

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