Father Mbaka Sends His Boys To Beat Us — BBC Journalists

Father Mbaka Sends His Boys To Beat Us — BBC Journalists

The spiritual director of the Adoration Ministry of Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), Ejike Mbaka, and his staff reportedly beat up two BBC journalists and their driver on Wednesday and seized their cell phones and media equipment.

According to BBC Igbo, when they were assaulted, journalists Chioma Obianinwa and Nnamdi Agbaelo were at the Adoration camp to interview Mbaka.

The assault occurred, according to Obianinwa, after waiting for the Catholic priest for three hours.

“We came to interview Father Mbaka in Adoration camp, but he told us to go and wait for him in his house, which is also in the camp.

“We waited for some hours before he came to see us. When he saw us, he started to show resentment, saying we had written bad news about him in the past.

“Father Mbaka then ordered his boys to take our cameras, cell phones and beat us,” BBC Igbo quoted Obianinwa as saying.

The attack might not be unconnected with an interview Reverend Father Ikedieze granted to BBC Igbo where he criticized Mbaka for involving in political issues, which he said was inappropriate, the BBC added.