Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai has expressed that the Federal government permitted the Nigeria Work Congress (NLC) to cause hardship for inhabitants through their mechanical action. Recall that El-Rufai in April separated 4,000 workers over the 23 LGAs, citing the state’s tall wage charge as the reason for the decision. Displeased with the move, the NLC set out on a five-day caution strike and grounded exercises within the state. The strike was afterward called off by the union after the government government mediated and called for a discourse.

Talking amid a media chat which was publicized on nearby radio stations on Thursday, el-Rufai said the activity of the laborers caused inhabitants of the state inconvenience and loss. El-Rufai demanded that the reasons cited by the NLC were untrue, including that the government government permitted the specialists to break the law and “kept silent”. He advance denounced the police of giving a cover for the NLC to break the law. “The government government permitted a few untrustworthy individuals to cause hardship for our people,” he said. “The NLC said they were dissenting against the sacking of laborers, but we didn’t pillage specialists. All the reasons they gave for their strike were false. “There could be a law in Nigeria which prohibits switching off power or water which is able cause hardship to people.” The governor, who cited a reference to the military administration of Ibrahim Babangida, said individuals who exchanged off power supply amid that organization were imprisoned for almost 20 years. “Since that time, no one switched off electricity in Nigeria,” he added.

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He demanded that activities such as switching off power as seen amid the strike hurt Kaduna residents. “This could be an infringement of the law. Those who did it were gathered to be captured and arraigned, but the federal government kept silent,” he said. “After the NLC and federal government figured it out that Kaduna individuals will bargain with the NLC, they presently said we ought to come to Abuja for dialogue. “The NLC came to Kaduna for politics. They paid them; they collected the cash and went through it. They broke our laws; they broke the laws directing protest.” The governor said he will set up a board to test the part played by those who taken an interest within the dissent, vowing that all those found blameworthy of going against the law would be arraigned.

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“They abused the laws of the land. On the off chance that Abuja (federal government) will not indict them, the Kaduna state government will indict them,” he said. “We have dealers who endured misfortunes and we have inquired them to count their misfortunes. We’ll go to court and guarantee equity for all of them. “Very before long, the Kaduna state government will set up a commission of request to explore the part played by everyone amid the protest. “There is no law that says you ought to halt some person who needs to go to work. Let them come back and see, since it is the police that’s giving cover for them to go and bolt people’s places of work and break the law. “Whether they are Kaduna state respectful workers or government respectful workers, they will confront the anger of Kaduna state laws. We’ll indict them. “Let NLC go and collect cash once more and come to Kaduna. I swear, we are holding up for them. We know those who paid them, and we are holding up for them.”