Food and cattle dealers threatens to stop exportation to the south

Food and cattle dealers threatens to stop exportation to the south



The Nigerian Food and Livestock Traders Union (AFCON) has threatened to strike nationwide in response to alleged illegal roadblocks and various taxes on its members. Muhammed Tahir, the national chairman of the trade union, said in a speech to reporters at the end of an emergency meeting in Abuja on Tuesday.

The union went on a strike in March following similar allegations, including extortion of her members and attacks of its members in some parts of the country.

Tahir said that after reviewing these issues, AFCON decided to support the Onion Alliance, which has started cutting supplies to the south of the country due to the same problems. Therefore, he said that if the government does not meet their needs in three weeks, the union will cut the food supply across the country.

The legal adviser to the union, Magama Saleh, said the government must do the needful to avert cutting down of food supply across the country.

This is an emergency meeting in regards to what is happening to our members in the South-East and South-South. This is also to brief our members nationwide on the aftermath of the three-month strike.

“Today’s resolution is that we are declaring support to the various unions under the umbrella of the amalgamated union.

“The onion association embarked on a strike last night and only to the south. And as a national union, we have discussed extensively and have resolved to support them on their industrial action.

We have written a reminder letter to the federal government through the ministry concerned and security agencies reminding them of their previous promises to the union.

“They are yet to do anything concerning it. If nothing is done within three weeks, we may be forced to sit and have another resolution,” he said.


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