You would agree with me when I say technology is advancing and evolving every time. Every day, new things are being developed. Even though they aren’t developed immediately, they would come into play maybe in the next twenty years. We can’t do without technology, well, at least not this generation and upcoming generation. Without technology, so many things would be out of place. Apart from life being as boring as what it is, nothing would be profitable again. So, you see, technology is life., if that makes any sense. Now, I know you would tell me but food, water etc are essential to our life but let me ask you, don’t you need technology for these things?.

        The term technology comes from the Greek word “techne” which means ‘arts and craft’ and logos meaning ‘word and speech’. Before the advent of technology, people were making use of calabash, well in Africa, to fetch water. The thought of using companies or factories to make steels for metal buckets wasn’t even implemented yet until years later. Phones weren’t even produced until 1876 by an Italian innovator Antonio Meucci before it was distributed to every part of the world. When it first came in, Android wasn’t even out yet until September 23, 2008, and it was a T-mobile phone. Slowly and slowly more things that we didn’t even know would exist started existing like cars, androids, I even heard about robots or A.I already being made. So you see, technology is rising and we are already adapting to it and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is thinking of making flying cars or something to help us with our domestic works. Oh, there are plenty already all we have to do is use our hands to start it and it starts working. Technology has helped us in so many ways we can’t imagine. Everyone and I mean everyone is addicted to this technology of a thing and I mean why not. I am using technology right now to type this.

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           Technology has helped more lives and saved more lives. Yes, there are disadvantages because it is usually corrupt with the content in it but if you overlook that and see the good it has done you would appreciate it more. Let me take my time to list the good things Technology has done for us because it has done so many things. And for the love of the technology. I know I am listing only the good. 

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    Technology has helped us to produce more social media apps that would help us to post the things that would be seen by thousands, no millions. Nah I think billions of people around the world.  Without technology, we won’t be able to see the happenings going on around different countries. Like Nigeria for example. The youths of Nigeria are awake to see the damages caused by the people of higher authorities and they want their voices to be heard and so technology has made it possible for them to raise their voices and bring out the corruptions, bribery and all other things and I am all in support for their #endsars protest.

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    Without technology, there won’t be other ways to read free books. These are for the book addicts. Even though you crave the smell of some hardcover books at some point, being broke won’t let you buy them. Hence, where technology comes in. 

   In conclusion to all of these bants and research work, technology has definitely improved and is gradually improving to be better. More things are being produced for the people to enjoy. Nothing and I mean nothing can stop technology. If technology stops we all go back to the days of our ancestors and have to try to adapt again and so for the love of tech, people should start embracing it and not look at the bad in it, but the good.

   Written by: Bisola Roselyn Saseun( Content Creator)