Reverend Father Camellus Anthony Ebenezer Ejike Mbaka who is the catholic priest and the spiritual Director, Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), was on Sunday, during mass at the Ministry’s prayer ground revealed part of the content of a meeting he had with the federal Goverment in his house on Tuesday 6th July 2021.

He disclosed that the federal government sent an offer of slots to him in exchange of his prophecies and utterances against the current unemployment and insecurity rate in the country. He had to let them understand that, his prophetic auction cannot be marchandised.

Despite the huge amount of money that came along with the slots offer, he (Mbaka) rejected the offer, said, it would be of no use for him and requested that they should release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is currently under their custody. “In a meeting held here between me and some of the representative from the Federal government, they said there was an offer of a slot for me. I was surprised to hear such from them after they accused me of seeking a contract. This time around, I am not the one who went to Aso rock to ask for a contract rather, they found me here to offer two slots. What a surprise? He questioned.

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The outspoken man of God stated that, after he rejected the offer, he was granted a requested to say what he want from the federal Goverment, which he said they should release the leader of (IPOB) Indigenous People of Biafra, and involve him in a round table with the president and other stakeholders across the 36 States in the country to discussion the way foward o solving the current issue of insecurity and the youths unemployment. “They do not know, my prophetic auction cannot be marchandised, I am not worikng for anybod, I am working for the Holy spirit, and each time I was asked to speak, I speaks. Nnamdi Kanu is not the problem of the country so, they should release him. If after the arrested of the person they considered to be the cause of what is happening and there is still reports of killings and kidnapping, it proves his is not the problem.

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“They should channel that energy they used to monitor Nnamdi and importing arms to fight the citizens to solving the problem of unemployment, because that is the issue. They said an idle man is the devil’s workshop. You cannot espect the youths to be silent after studies without job. A hungry man is an angry man. If they don’t stop nepotism and act of wickednes, the agitation will continue because there are million of Nnamdi Kanu who are yet to rise up. He added.

Rev Fr Mbaka further maintained that, even though the Government know those who are actually terrorists, but they are busy chasing shadow. “How can you say Nnamdi Kanu is the problem when, he has never been caught with guns, killing anybody or kidnapping but, they are people seen with guns everyday? Those politicians who use the youths for political thugs and share arms to them. Do they ever think of retrieving it from them? And you think somebody who have ventured into kidnapping business, collecting five million naira for ransom will come back to take a job of thirty thousand naira? Who is fooling who? Even the IPOB boys who are proscribed as terrorist groups are not seen with guns or dangerous weapons. What are they talking about? If they should be serious with retrieving our looted funds from the wicked politicians and create jobs. Nigeria Will be a better place.


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