All social media platform in Nigeria was taken amazed by the two Nigerian Celebrity Musicians, Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay’s after they caught on camera fightong dirty in a salon in Lagos.
According to eye witnesses and sources, the the cause of the fight was because of Seyi Shay and Kimani’s verses in a song titled ‘fuck you’ released in 2019 by Kiss Daniel.

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Tiwa Savage alledged that the two insultes her in that song but she decided to keep quiet on that and let the sleeping dogs lie.
During the videos today, Seyi confronted Tiwa Savage to say hi, but Tiwa ignored her and later told her that she has no right to greet her since they are no longer friends.

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Tiwa went further to tell Seyi that she (Seyi Shay) has been going about on interviews, saying dirty things about her, accusing her of prostitution.

While responding Tiwa Savage said “have I slept with your man before?, I have never taken any job from you, I have not said dirty things about you in any interview. “I will tell you this, God should take my only son if I have ever said anything wrong about you and Kimani.


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