“Good Works And Good Behaviour Will Not Take You To Heaven”, But Only 1 Way – Pastor Kumuyi

“Good Works And Good Behaviour Will Not Take You To Heaven”, But Only 1 Way – Pastor Kumuyi

Many people believe that they will go to heaven because of what they do on earth, and that there are numerous ways to gain access to God’s kingdom.

I’ve spoken with a number of Christians who do not place a high value on salvation. They see salvation as a secondary means of getting to heaven, and I honestly disagree with him.

If you are familiar with the Bible, you will recall that there was a passage that told the story of the ruler Nicodemus. Nicodemus approached Jesus in the middle of the night and inquired about something special; he inquired about the way to the kingdom of heaven, and Jesus simply replied,

“If you are not born again, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” God did not tell him to feed the poor, give bread to the masses, or even heal the sick; instead, he made it clear that salvation was the only way to God’s kingdom.

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Some people, including pastors, prioritize worldly status and engage in philanthropic works simply to be included in the Lord’s Book of Life. The Lord appreciates all of this and encourages us to be better people, but if we continue to do so without receiving salvation, the Lord will not allow us to enter his Kingdom. What exactly does salvation entail? It means rebirth, and the steps are simple if you put your mind to it.

According to Pastor Kumuyi, you must first admit that you are a sinner and sincerely confess your sins to the Lord. Do not justify your sins to the Lord; instead, confess and ask Him to forgive you. You must now believe in God’s powers and confess him as your Lord and personal savior. If you can do all of this from the bottom of your heart, you will be able to enter the Lord’s kingdom. I’m not saying you should stop doing good or behaving well, but doing so will not guarantee you a place in the sweet and lovely heavens.


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