Governor Lalong grants amnesty to Seven Prisoners In Plateau

Simon Lalong, the Governor of Plateau State, has just granted amnesty to seven inmates in plateau state during the celebration of his six years in office and to commemorate Nigeria Democracy Day.

Governor Lalong grant’s amnesty to seven inmates based on conduct of good behaviour.

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While addressing he said, “celebrating Democracy Day and in commemoration to God for the last six years as a Governor.
He said according to Federal Republic Of Nigeria Constitution, with due research and consultation Advisory Council of Prerogative Mercy, we have granted granted amnesty to seven inmates based on conduct of good behaviour

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The amnesty granted inmate were
Sentenced to commuted life imprisonment
Ponzing Nanshe
Wasa Zachariah
Timkur Laven
Dalyop Mancha
Dauda Joshua
Nanfa Gwantur


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