Gumi declares that no school is safe until Buhari negotiate with the bandits

Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, a popular Islamic clergyman from Kaduna, responded to some recent kidnappings of schoolchildren in the north of the country. In an exclusive interview with The Punch, the fiery preacher stated that there are about 100,000 armed bandits in the northwest alone.

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Gumi said the bandit who kidnapped the elementary school students were disappointed that he had negotiated with them without the involvement of the federal government. Speaking of efforts to save kidnapped students from the Tegina Islamic School in Niger state, Gumi insisted that no school will be safe unless the government contacts pastors, especially in the north.

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He said:

“But we are trying to talk sense to them that these are just innocent schoolchildren. We don’t even have any idea of the condition of the children. We are just saying these are young children trying to study and they did nothing, so why are you trying to take dirty money from their families?”


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